How to Go Viral on TikTok: The 13 Most Effective Ways (2024)

TikTok has become a popular social media platform today, with over a billion active users worldwide. It has revolutionized how content is created and consumed and, as a result, formed a fertile ground for content creators, brands, and businesses to go viral. Going viral on TikTok could be your content getting a million views in hours, but its impact can be immeasurable.

It gives you unprecedented exposure beyond your immediate followers and also helps you generate high levels of engagement. This article will explore how to go viral on TikTok and increase your chances of becoming the next TikTok sensation.

How Does Content Go Viral on TikTok?

Like other social networks, content on TikTok goes viral through a combination of factors, one of which is the “For You Page “(FYP) – the main feed of TikTok. The chances of a video being featured on the FYP increase as it gains more traction and engagement.

Each user has their FYP personalized based on their preference, and it also shows trending and popular content determined by the TikTok algorithm. A viral video’s exposure on the FYP can increase views, likes, and shares, making it more widespread.

13 Guaranteed Tips To Go Viral On TikTok

Here are some of the best tips to make your TikTok go viral.

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Creating shareable content can make your TikTok videos go viral because shares amplify the reach and visibility of your content. When users like your content, they tend to share it with others, introducing your content to a broader audience outside your fanbase.

To encourage more shares, explore different types of content, whether funny, entertaining, or educational. Just ensure it is unique and resonates with your target audience. You also need to create aesthetically pleasing and visually engaging content and infuse storytelling.

Share a Story

One of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention is to create high-quality content that is compelling and tells an exciting story. Quality visual storytelling can help you stand out and gain new audiences.

2. Start Your Video With Strong Hook

Starting your video with a strong hook can set the tone for the rest of your video and significantly increase the chances of it going viral on TikTok. Make the first 3 seconds visually captivating to grab the viewer’s attention to continue watching and engaging with your content.

Keep the text concise. To do this, you can incorporate text in the first few seconds to convey your message or hook viewers in the absence of audio. Also, let your initial video frame be visually appealing, intriguing, and representative of the video content.

Keep Your Videos Short

TikTok’s algorithm considers the average watch time of a video when determining its visibility and potential for virality. Also, attention spans in today’s world are generally shorter, so you have to limit the video length to reach more users.

3. Use Hashtags

Next up, the hashtags you use tell TikTok what your content is about and who to recommend it to. Hence, you need to use hashtags with every video you publish while ensuring they are of genuine relevance and value. Never use random or generic hashtags (like #FYP), simply for the sake of it.

4. Add Powerful Call-to-Actions

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Incorporating powerful call-to-actions (CTAs) into your TikTok videos is essential, as it guides your viewers on the action to take next, boosting engagement and increasing the chances of your videos going viral.

Make your CTAs straightforward and easy to understand by using concise language that clearly communicates what you want viewers to do. Use Strong CTAs in your captions, such as “Double tap to like,” “Comment your thoughts below,” or “Follow for more content.”

5. Leverage Trending Songs

Music helps capture viewers’ attention on TikTok and keeps them engaged. If this feature is leveraged well, it can significantly boost your chances of going viral on TikTok.

Start by keeping up with TikTok’s latest music trends and popular songs through the “Discover” feed or “For You” page. Also, carefully select songs that align with the content of your video and ensure it complements your visuals and storytelling.

Use Your Own Voice

You can also do a voiceover and record your own audio for more authenticity. This helps you share your story in a more relatable and unique way.

6. Post Consistently

Regularly posting fresh content on TikTok is essential, as it keeps your audience engaged and interested in your content. TikTok’s algorithm also favors consistent accounts, exposing your content to a broader audience and boosting your chances of going viral.

It is also essential to know the best time to post on TikTok. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this, you can optimize your posting schedule based on when your audience is most active.

Post At the Ideal Time

Posting at the right time ensures that your content reaches the highest number of active users. Analyze TikTok insights to determine when your followers are active, and you can also experiment with different posting times and days to gauge audience response.

For a more regular posting schedule, create a content calendar to help you stay consistent and plan your content correctly ahead of time.

7. Be Honest and Kind

Authenticity is something most TikTok users look for in a publisher. Honest, kind, and genuine creators are always more engaging than fake or downright unpleasant ones. Talk openly about your struggles, insecurities, fears, and imperfections. Show them you’re a human with the same flaws as everyone else.

8. Don’t Choose One Niche Right Away

Sooner or later, you must dedicate yourself to a specific niche in which you’re a genuine authority. In the meantime, try your hand with as many niches as you like until you find something that fits. While doing so, you may find something you’re good at and appreciate that you had not previously thought about.

9. Spend Some Time Watching Videos on the FYP

Each time you watch a video on the For You Page, you gain invaluable insights into what’s trending. Or at least, what kind of content within your niche is being promoted and recommended by TikTok? These can lay the groundwork for future videos with enhanced FYP potential. Again, get yourself on the FYP, and you have a real shot at going viral.

10. Engage with Your Audience

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Building a solid rapport with your viewers on TikTok is crucial for creating a loyal fan base and increasing the chances of your content going viral. Here are a few ways this can help:

Reply to Comments: You can interact with commenters by responding to their comments. This shows that you value their feedback and opinions, encouraging them to stay engaged with your content and increasing their likelihood of sharing it with others.

Respond to Messages: If you get a direct message from any viewer, take the time to respond. This makes them feel seen and appreciated and can open the door for further engagement and collaboration opportunities.

Ask Questions: You can encourage viewer participation by asking questions in your videos or captions, increasing engagement in your content. It also helps create a positive and interactive environment that encourages viewers to return for more.

Promoting your TikTok content on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Likee, Discord, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, or VK is crucial for several reasons. It helps you get more reach and visibility while driving traffic back to TikTok.

Cross-promoting your TikTok content opens up opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with other creators or brands on different platforms. This gets the attention of potential collaborators or sponsors, leading to new opportunities and increased visibility.

If leveraged effectively, you can tap into different user bases, websites, and blogs, driving traffic to your TikTok profile and potentially increasing your chances of more viral videos.

12. Network with Creators or Brands

Networking with other creators or brands on TikTok is a win-win situation as you expand your reach, tap into new audiences, and increase the chances of your content going viral. For the best results, collaborate with influencers within your niche with a more enormous following and can provide valuable support and exposure for your content.

This increases your content’s visibility and potential virality as you benefit from their endorsem*nt. As you build a strong network on TikTok, you will also be exposed to partnership opportunities with brands. This allows you to create sponsored content to increase your visibility and potential for viral success.

13. Buy TikTok Views

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Enhancing your TikTok visibility can increase your chances of going viral, boosting credibility, and encouraging users to engage. This is why you should consider buying TikTok views, an easy and fast way to gain more visibility and eventually attract an organic following. For guaranteed results, buy real TikTok views from Media Mister.

We are an authentic social media service provider with real users ready to engage your video content. More views, including Likes, Comments, Saves, and Shares, will ultimately encourage a higher engagement rate. We guarantee the best result, as it allows you to choose your preferred package and select a target country to reach your audience.


Ultimately, Tiktok’s algorithm determines which videos go viral on the platform. Your job is to show the algorithm that you’re worth featuring on the FYP by any means necessary. Even then, your videos must have the quality, relevance, and appeal to go viral.

It’s only when vast numbers of TikTok users share videos with their friends and followers that big things happen. This is referred to as the snowball effect of views, where the few views gained give rise to even more views, creating an unending loop that results in virality.

Each of the tips and tactics outlined above could help create viral TikTok trends. Remember that when up against hundreds of millions of competing creators, quality and relevance make all the difference.

How to Go Viral on TikTok: The 13 Most Effective Ways (2024)
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