Celebrating the inspiring journeys of four small business innovators who dared to dream big (2024)

If you walk through India’s bustling streets, amidst the chaos of daily life, you will find the beating heart that sustains communities, weaves dreams, and embodies the essence of resilience—micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). These are not just enterprises, they are people. People whose tales of courage, determination, and willingness to go the extra mile to turn an idea into reality, have transformed the communities they live in and, in some cases, reached far beyond them.

The journey of these small businesses can be challenging due to limited resources, a discerning market, fierce competition, and in some cases, access to knowledge and opportunities. But the indomitable spirit of the Indian entrepreneur shines through as they adapt, innovate, and find ways to thrive.

From across the country, home to millions of small businesses, here’s a glimpse into the stories of four resilient entrepreneurs who have carved out inspiring paths that have shaped their journey and the journey of those they reach as employees and consumers.

MohanJodero: Embracing India’s timeless artistry in the heart of Delhi
In the center of Delhi lies a store that serves as a gateway to India’s past. Founded in 2005 by Yashovardhan Sharma, MohanJodero was born from a simple dream: to celebrate India’s age-old artistry. Sharma faced numerous challenges, from finding skilled artisans to setting competitive prices in a demanding market. Discover how he overcame these obstacles to bring India's rich heritage to life through his store, with support from Walmart Vriddhi.

Launched in December 2019, Walmart Vriddhi, the supplier development program, in collaboration with Walmart's partner Swasti, offers MSMEs free training, mentoring, and digital tools. This online program aims to help small businesses grow, scale, and integrate into domestic supply chains while leveraging Flipkart's platform expertise. Since December 2019, Walmart Vriddhi has empowered more than 58,000 MSMEs across India.

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MohanJodero has today achieved a 30% growth in business with the support of the Walmart Vriddhi program. Sharma is now striving to create a thriving ecosystem that not only preserves India’s heritage but also aims to ensure that these ancient art forms continue to inspire and be appreciated across the country.

Y Not Food Products: Bringing the taste of Assam’s pickles to India’s dinner tables
Kanak Deka founded Y Not Food Products with the vision of bringing the richness and diversity of Assamese cuisine to every Indian household through the magic of pickles infused with the flavours of king chilies, ginger, and bamboo shoots.

Y Not Food Products, founded by Deka in 2019, successfully sourced authentic ingredients directly from farmers and began resonating with consumers through their offering of high-quality and unique products. However, Deka’s dream was bigger—to scale up and reach a wider market.

Celebrating the inspiring journeys of four small business innovators who dared to dream big (2)ET Spotlight

The journey of Y Not Food Products has been immensely fulfilling, particularly witnessing the empowerment of women and the positive ripple effect in local communities. Deka believes that with every step, Y Not Food Products is not just creating flavors but also crafting stories of empowerment, sustainability, and community welfare.

Biju Thadathil Farm Honey: Bridging tradition and innovation

Hailing from the city of Kochi, Biju Kuriakose came up with the idea of his venture in 1989. He was a pioneer in championing the cause of ‘sourcing local’ as a way to support the environment and his community. His inspiration to found Biju Thadathil Farm Honey came from bees—nature’s engineers—and from the potential of honey harvesting as a business that could be made truly sustainable.

Celebrating the inspiring journeys of four small business innovators who dared to dream big (3)ET Spotlight

Today, Biju Thadathil Farm Honey has introduced a simple yet game-changing product—the honey spoon. This innovation aims to make its customers' experience a bit sweeter and significantly more convenient.

Fun Fry: Balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship
Shortly after welcoming her son into the world, Reena Chauhan embarked on a dual journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship. This story highlights her unwavering determination as a parent and a businesswoman. She skillfully balances bedtime tales with business meetings while nurturing her belief in making a significant impact in a competitive world.

Celebrating the inspiring journeys of four small business innovators who dared to dream big (4)ET Spotlight

Today, Fun Fry is making affordable learning toys that stimulate cognitive and creative development accessible from Aurangabad to countless Indian households. The brand champions local manufacturing and envisions a future with solar-powered toys, reflecting its commitment to a greener future.

India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is filled with several such inspiring stories of MSME founders who have dared to dream. The digital modules and personalised mentoring provided to them through the Walmart Vriddhi programme have supported their vision and helped them grow and thrive in the offline and the online marketplace confidently.

If you are a business owner looking to power your dream, take a leap to participate in the free-of-cost digital training programme, and watch your aspirations come to life. You can register for the programme here.

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Celebrating the inspiring journeys of four small business innovators who dared to dream big (2024)
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